cons, conning, conned
1) VERB If someone cons you, they persuade you to do something or believe something by telling you things that are not true. [INFORMAL]

[V n of/out of/into n/-ing] He claimed that the businessman had conned him of ₤10,000...

[V way into n] White conned his way into a job as a warehouseman with Dutch airline, KLM...

[be V-ed] The British motorist has been conned by the government. [Also V n]

cheat, trick
2) N-COUNT A con is a trick in which someone deceives you by telling you something that is not true. [INFORMAL]

Slimming snacks that offer miraculous weight loss are a con...

She is the victim of a big con trick.

3) N-COUNT A con is the same as a convict. [INFORMAL]
4) See also mod cons
pros and conssee pro

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